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Meet the Owner:

911 Restoration Cleveland TechsAfter 16 years as a restoration sub-contractor, Allen Smith of 911 Restoration of Cleveland is no stranger to water damage or sewage backup. “I’ve been roofing and boarding up homes since I was 15, and I’ve always wanted to open my own company,” says Allen. “I just needed a bit of an extra push.”

When former customers started referring their friends to him directly, Allen knew it was time to make his dream come true and open his own restoration business.

Still, it took him a year to decide on a franchise partnership with 911 Restoration Cleveland.

“I wanted a franchise who is as passionate about helping people as I am,” says Allen. “I’ve never ignored someone with a flat tire, and I frequently help my neighbors plowing snow off their driveways.”

For Allen, everything starts with the community. He has been the commissioner for the Seven Hills Baseball Federation for the past 3 years. And before that, he coached basketball and sponsored his team at the local YMCA for 4 years.

“I’m proud to be someone everyone can count on to show up for them in their time of need.” When Allen was a sub-contractor, fire damage calls would come in while he was sleeping. He answered each one.

That’s why he puts extra attention into hiring and training the right technicians for 911 Restoration of Cleveland. “It’s important to work with like-minded people. When it comes to emergency services, everyone appreciates promptness, professionalism, and empathy.”

Fire Damage Prevention Tips:

Since large lost fire is Allen’s specialty, he has several advises for homeowners to avoid large property lost:

  • Replace the filter of your furnace often. Cleveland is known for its harsh winter, and daily use of household furnace is common place during colder weather. The accumulated dust and particles are electrically charged. Replacing your filters often will improve your air quality as well as reduce your chance of a fire.
  • Homeowners often forget to safeguard their basement, which is ironic as most homeowners insurance policy actually does not cover basement fire. “Keep up on your vents and filters. Check them monthly.”
  • Tornadoes may bring thunderstorms, but they also carry inherent fire danger. Turn off your electrical main power during a tornado as electrical shocks happen, and a fire can closely follow a flooded home.

The most important thing is to stay calm and “know that things will be better tomorrow.” Allen reveals that his first priority is always to get traumatized homeowners to see the Fresh Start just around the corner.

Restoration is About Making People’s Lives Better

D911 Restoration Winter Caravanuring his time as a subcontractor, Allen got used to an unusual sleeping schedule: “I’d get called in at 2 or 3am, and since I always made myself available, I became known as the guy to call when everyone else is asleep.”

It is a challenge to get out of bed and into the hot zone, but that doesn’t deter Allen’s patience or sympathy towards the people he helps. “I wasn’t woken up by a fire, they did. It’s not about me losing sleep, it’s about making people’s lives better by providing them with some reassurance.”

All the hard work is worth it to Allen, as later he gets to see “how the broken faces that I saw soften and became more peaceful.”

When you call 911 Restoration of Cleveland at (440) 387-4701, you are calling the best technicians. You are also calling the best people as well. Because you are calling people who care about restoring your home as well as restoring your life.

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